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Plan and Prosper Funeral Plan

Our customer decided the amount they wish to pay and subsequently the sum assured amount.

  • Unlike competitors our customers Sum assured amount has guaranteed growth of 2% pa meaning the longer the plan is live the greater the Sum assured, although the monthly premiums never increase.
  • Fixed monthly payments (the monthly amount never changes)
  • Guaranteed acceptance (no medical questions)
  • Will included, free storage and updates for life
  • Professionally drafted Power of Attorney included
  • Free annual review
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Income Protection

Income Protection replaces your income when you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. The policies today provide cover for the employed and self-employed. Income Protection can be set up to replace your income from the first day you are absent from work. This cover can remain in place until your selected retirement age. E.g 68 / 70.

Once a policy is put in place you can claim each and every time you are absent from work due to sickness or injury.

Policies can be adapted to commence when employer’s benefits are reduced or ceased.

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Life Assurance

Life Assurance provides a lump sum on the untimely death of the person or persons insured. This money can be used to maintain the standard of living for the family, pay off private or business debt.

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Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance provides fast medical care for those who have a policy. Most people are aware that the NHS is under extreme pressure and waiting lists are becoming longer. Main policies provide cover for the most serious illnesses e.g. Cancer/ Heart Surgery. You can add additional benefits such as physiotherapy and counselling.

What is Plan and Prosper

With over 35 years'experience we have helped many clients from various backgrounds protect their Assets and families against financial loss.

Plan and Prosper was established in 1989 and continues to provide Non Regulated Products such as Pre Paid Funeral Plans and Wills.

Plan and Prosper Financial Group Limited was established in 2018 and provides regulated advice. It is directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority our first priority is to protect individuals, their families and their businesses against financial loss due to death sickness or injury which prevents people from working.

Plan And Prosper

"Because We Care"

Plan and Prosper were fantastic in setting up and explaining my new funeral and life assurance plans.  It’s really given me piece of mind.  Highly recommend.

Margaret Kelly

Production Manager

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